Company Cars - Tax Advice in Kingston upon Thames

Substantial tax costs aside, the company car remains an important part of the remuneration package for many employees - and an essential business tool for many employers.

Alderwick James & Co can help you to determine if the company car is still a tax-efficient option, and explore options such as a qualifying 'van'. We can ultimately help you to decide the most appropriate course of action for you and your business.

But remember that managing the cost of motoring is not just about tax efficiency - you must also take into account ownership (should the car be personally owned), running costs and financing.

How we can help

Alderwick James & Co are experienced specialists, advising business owners in Kingston upon Thames and the surrounding areas about company car tax. We can provide proactive advice on a wide range of business motoring issues as part of our service.

Our expert team can help you to consider all the options and decide on the right course of action for your business. They can assist you with such matters as:

  • Whether a company car should be provided to an employee or a private car used for business mileage
  • Whether employee contributions are tax efficient
  • Whether private fuel should be supplied with the company car
  • Reducing the cost of company cars and reviewing the alternatives

Discover how we can help you keep your business motoring costs to a minimum, while maximising the overall profitability of your firm - contact Alderwick James & Co in Kingston upon Thames today.